Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just a Reminder

Sometimes I need to remind myself how lucky I am....

Today wasn't the best of days. I probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something, but I was almost late to class with nothing in my belly, I was not dressed warmly enough for this weather today, I basically sat in front of my computer all day looking up trips/getting excited about trips/getting bummed out about trips I can't take, found out I probably can't go to ACL this year, and I'm kicking myself for not buying tickets to the Mumford and Sons concert in Florence when they were only 30 euros.  They are now $130.

So I needed to blog about the things I'm EXTREMELY grateful for, because I need this reminder especially today.

-I got to message my mom, dad, and sister today
-I got gelato tonight
-I'm in the process of planning a trip to Ireland
-I live in Italy
-I'm going to Rome on Saturday
-I might see Aubrey in a few weeks
-I'm going to London in a month
-I love all of my classes
-I get to see my Mom and Sister in a month!
-I'm going to an Of Monsters and Men concert in a month
-I'm going to see the Avett Brothers in June
-I live in Italy
-I have the best support system back at home

So definitely the good stuff outweighs the sometimes bad days, but I just needed a little reminder.

Thanks for letting me complain for a little bit, I promise the next post will be full of awesome things because I'm going to Rome on Saturday!!! :)

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