Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Day of Firsts

In a nutshell, today was absolutely crazy busy. It gets its own blog post! So let's start from the beginning:

Today was the first day of classes. This past week we have been blessed with no classes and almost everyone forgot we were here to actually study instead of hanging out and eating delicious food...bummer.

First class of the day was Italian. Our teacher is born and raised from Arezzo so she knows her stuff. We worked mostly on the alphabet and how to pronounce letters....I definitely need to look over that before I go to bed. Right after class I went to grab a cappuccino at Coffee O' Clock! Probably the closet to America tasting coffee you can get here. After being haggled by a traveling salesman for about 5 minutes, I headed out to go to the grocery store.  I thought shopping in America was difficult, try it when everything is in Italian. It consisted of a lot of "I think this is ham?" Thankfully I have my handy pocket dictionary for use.

The biggest difference between grocery stores here is they charge you for plastic bags, so you have to bring your own.  Which is cool for them being eco-friendly, but not if you forget your bag-pack at home :(

After shopping I had another class at 1; Italian Culture through Literature and Cinema. It should be a very interesting class with a LOT of reading. I have to read 15 chapters by next Monday. YIKES!

Since I'm an avid coffee drinker I need to save money on buying it at cafes everyday, so after class I went to the home goods store to buy a moca maker and back to the grocery store for things I forgot. On the way back home I bought my first bottle of wine!

Pinot Grigio from Michalengelo's cafe

After all the grocery shopping I had to rush back to school for a Student Advisor Council (SAC) meeting where we had elections, and I got elected to be secretary! 

The rest of the night consisted of cooking my first actual meal (with the stove and everything), buying my first gelato, and actually doing assigned reading before class! 

Tomorrow should be a pretty adventurous day as well, with more classes, food making, and attempting at learning this language I'm surrounded by. 

I'll leave you with some pictures in the meantime! 
Spinach ravioli with pesto sauce for dinner :)

First gelato! Nutella and a Cream flavor. Super delicious.

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  1. I am living vicariously through you! Your dinner looks good! Thanks for posting.

    Mom xoxoxo