Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Highlights

Now I will hit on some highlights, both relating to my journey and others not so much.


This was a big day: the day that I sent all of my paperwork off so I could get approved for a visa!

And last week my passport came back, with my visa in it!

The big reveal! I love my sorority family :) 

My crazy section during saxeT week 

When Gameday attacked my campus

The day autumn hit Norman, I took about 150 pictures of the trees on my neighborhood and ended up printing a 16"x24" of one.   

Who couldn't love this state? 

And the most recent event I got to put on a dress to attend.  With my two favorite boys. 

That's basically what happened this semester! Add in a lot of class, and some exciting football games and you have my life! 

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